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A little background of what we do at Mashtun Creative.


An image is truly a powerful and effective way to communicate in today’s fast-paced culture. At Mashtun Creative we work in collaboration with a client capturing their marketing efforts and reinforcing a strong brand image across multiple channels. Through photographic capture of expressive imagery, clients are presented with market building content for web, advertising, and collateral. Mashtun media’s strengths in photography, multi-media, design, and advertising enhance your company’s creative ideas, but also transmit compelling new marketing strategies to the mix, based on companyand market research.

Mashtun Creative was founded by Jason Wallengren last mil. Actuallu it was started in 1999 as a way to
We have a background in many creative endevours, including, art direction,


• adidas
• New Balance Athletic Shoe Co.
• Power & Systems Inc.
• Espresso Education Inc.
• Stephen Charles Photography
• Kunst Academy
• Girls on the Run inc.
• Partners & Housing Development Corp.
• Liberty Mutual Insurance Corp.
• Major League Lacrosse
• Night Light Works Inc.
• Boston College
• Boston University
• Precision Software Inc.
• North Shore Spirt Minor League Baseball
• Connecticut Council of Leaders in Mathmetics

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